Cats In Ridiculous Costumes

posted May 06 '07 viewed 5452 tagged , , ,

This Japanese website sells these ridiculous getups. I don't know enough Japanese to tell if they are intended for cat owners who wish to humiliate their pets.

Monkey cat

Dandy cat

Cat in the henhouse

Royal kitty

Frog cat

Mr. Ugly Beret Cat..

..and his wife

The H is for... polar bear? cat

Awesome cat

Is the one above some mythical Japanese creature? 10 points to whoever can leave a comment telling me what this costume represents. Google's translator wasn't much help: "In deep-red Jishi head mantle of arabesque! Design of Jishi dance completed lovely! Changing to [kowai] Jishi dance in New Year's Day, you pay malice!! Please change in such enthusiasm the ♪"

And who could forget... SUMO CAT!

(It's actually supposed to be Momotaro, I guess.)